Marantz 2130

Original FCC Test Unit -- Blank Serial Number

This 2130 was the first one off the assembly line, before the assembly line was "let loose" to make production units; it was supplied to the laboratory for tests ensuring compliance with the FCC regulations that applied to AM/FM tuners at the time. The serial number plate still has the protective covering plastic.

Being the first 2130, it is also the oldest 2130. It has been well taken care of, but it has also had several owners -- it's not perfect, cosmetically speaking. Look at the image; you can see a few small dings (top left, bottom right.) Reception is within specification, which of course means you can expect very high quality.

This tuner has several issues that make it a good find for a technical type, but probably not what you'd want to collect for immediate integration into your stereo system. Let's be perfectly clear about this; I'm going to describe the unit 100% honestly, then you decide if it is something you are interested in.

When I received this tuner, the AM antenna wires had been broken by some careless handling. I have re-attached them so the proper electrical connections are made, and the AM tuner works very well, but it's a little rough looking back there. A "clean" repair would require a replacement ferrite bar with full length wires, and I don't think you can get those any longer. Many people don't care much about AM, but I'm just trying to explain all the issues.

The FM stereo lamp burned out, and in a fit of experimentation, I replaced the incandescent bulb with a white LED. This worked somewhat, but it was several years ago, and the white LED isn't as anywhere near as bright as the ones you can buy today. You can see the STEREO legend is illuminated in a dark room, but that's about all I'll say for it. A brighter LED (or a replacement incandescent) would be a good idea. Now, this isn't a change to be made by the faint of heart or clumsy of finger; just so you know. Now, with regard to functionality, a dim stereo indicator isn't exactly the end of the world; plus, because this is a 2130, if you leave the Quartz Lock function on, the quartz lock LED will illuminate when you have tuned in a stereo signal, so you have a clear, bright indication in addition to the stereo lamp -- this is normal operation for a 2130.

Electrically speaking, everything works as I mentioned above, but it is my impression that the tuner could use a re-capping, particularly with regard to the high-voltage caps that serve in the power supply for the scope circuitry. You can see some power supply hum in the scope trace, more so when the unit is cold. It gets quite a bit better as it warms up. Again, this makes the tuner more of a tech's find than a collector's unit (unless having #0 trips your trigger, in which case, by all means, bid, and then locate a tech who will do the tuner the justice it deserves... I would, but I just don't have the time, and no one, including me, will pay me the hourly rate I'd charge to strain my old eyes over this.)

Having said all that, the tuner is working in all respects, it just needs some TLC. If you can provide it, or you want it on a shelf as a collectable, well then... here it is.

I will ship by UPS, shipping will be $35.00 flat in addition to the offered price I accept from you. I'll pack it very carefully -- I'm not new to this and I am well aware of the irreplacible nature of serial #0. Even so, this is being sold "as-is" and I make no promises. It'll be working when it is shipped (it's working just fine right now, as I write this); if it's not working when you get it, you'll be talking to the shipping company, not to me.

I have some optional items you can also make an offer for, if you like; I will only sell these with the tuner, so don't be asking me for just these items by themselves -- I'm firm on this:

  • DLB-1 Dolby plug-in
  • Rack Mount Handles
  • Service Manual

Payment is to be via paypal. First reasonable offer takes it.

You can email me about the tuner here: