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When a salesman approached and you had to say "just looking", or you could just look at the Buying Guides and wish? Now... You haven´t seen any of those "wish list" items since.... Elvis left the building! Way back then, cost and production efficiency did not control the consumer hifi market. Research and premium materials resulted in an aura of absolute quality; It was what the market demanded!

You'll find a great deal of information, as well as images for Marantz Receivers, Tuners, Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Consoles, Integrated Amplifiers, Turntables and Tape Decks. We also have a complete
NEW! Audio Classifieds section, and various other pages that are of interest to any Marantz Classics fan. Please surf around the site and check everything out, particularly the FAQ and the Tips and Tricks pages, which contain all kinds of little nuggets of information.

Through these pages, you'll be able to browse through a veritable gold mine of specifications, images and much more. There are many excellent and still playable pieces yet to be discovered. Hifi is meant to be fun, it should enrich live´s beautiful moments by a further dimension. So why not start "playing" again?

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If you have any additional knowledge of any kind about any of the units mentioned here (or not mentioned here!), I would very much appreciate it if you would EMAIL that information to me so I can improve the pages for the benefit of all Marantz Classics fans.

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