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Classic (1980 and Earlier) Marantz Gear
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Marantz Model 5010b Tape Deck

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Front View
Image Attribution: Unknown Ebay auction
Date: August 9th, 1999

Rear View
Image Attribution: Unknown Ebay auction
Date: August 9th, 1999

Designed inUSA
Manufactured InJapan
Rack MountRequires RHA-2 Adaptors
Wood CaseWC-121
Chassis GroundBinding Post
AC SwitchYes
Special Option 1RHA2 Rack Mount Adaptors

Weight14 Lbs

Tape Deck
Transport Record ControlYes
Transport Play ControlYes
Transport Pause ControlYes
Transport Fast Forward ControlYes
Transport Rewind ControlYes
Tape Ejection ControlYes
Microphone Input(s)L/R
Tape CounterMechanical
Tape Counter ResetMechanical
Dolby Noise ReductionYes
FM Source Multiplex FilterOn Rear Deck
Dolby Record LampYes
Record Lamp(s)Yes
Bias SelectionsNorm/Fe/Cr
Equalization SelectionsNorm/Fe/Cr
Auto ShutoffYes
Record LimiterYes
Microphone Record LevelL/R
VU MeteringYes
Deck OrientationFront

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