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Classic (1980 and Earlier) Marantz Gear
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Marantz Model 5025 Tape Deck

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Front View
EBay Auction #327120979
Date: May 10th, 2000

DescriptionCassette Deck
Designed inUSA
Manufactured InJapan
Silver FaceYes
IC Count3
Transistor Count29
Diode Count29 + 4 LED
AC SwitchYes
Power Source Details110/220 for (N), 110 for USA
Power Consumption11 Watts
Special Option 1RHA1 Rack Mount Adaptors

Width17 3/8ths
Height5 3/4ths
Depth11 11/16ths
Weight6.7 kg

Tape Deck
Wow and Flutter0.11% (DIN 45511)
Fe THD1%
CrO2 THD1.8%
FeCr THD1.8%
Fe Frequency Response40 Hz to 15.5 KHz
CrO2 Frequency Response40 Hz to 17 KHz
FeCr Frequency Response40 Hz to 18 KHz
Rewind time105 seconds
FFWD time105 seconds
Recording SystemAC Bias
Erase SystemAC Erase
Track SystemCompatible stereo 4-track 2-channel
Transport ControlsLever
Transport Record ControlYes
Transport Play ControlYes
Transport Pause ControlYes
Transport Fast Forward ControlYes
Transport Rewind ControlYes
Tape Ejection ControlYes
Dolby Noise ReductionYes
FM Source Multiplex FilterSwitch on rear deck
VU MeteringStereo
Deck OrientationFront
Number, type of headsR/P - Super hard permalloy Erase - Ferrite
Tape Speeds1 7/8ths IPS
Capstan ConfigurationSingle
Motor ConfigurationDC Servo controlled x1

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