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Pioneer Model QX-9900 Quadrophonic Receiver

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EBay Auction #281583158
Date: March 14th, 2000

Akai or Pioneer?

This unit is quite similar to Akai's AS-990 quad unit - clearly a sharing of designs or OEM agreement was involved. There are a number of differences, but you can look at the meters, the knobs and so forth and pretty well draw the conclusion that someone was in someone else's bedů

I actually have an AS-990, and the next time I have the digital camera out, I'll grab an image and put it here for comparison's sake.

Contributed by Ben Blish
On March 14th, 2000


DescriptionQuadraphonic Receiver
AC SwitchYes

RMS Power Per Channel38x4 into 8 ohms, 50x4 into 4 ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)0.03% at 18 watts/channel
Intermodulation Distortion (IM)0.05% at 18 watts/channel

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