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Technics ST-S7


FEATURES: DC Amplifier, Detector, Stereo Decoder.
Auto-IF Rejection, Auto Pilot-Tone Rejection.

Tuning: Digital Dipsplays (FM Stereo Frequency).
Digital Programming Timer (2 daily + 1 daily/weekly).
8 FM/8 AM Presets, Memory (last station), Search (up/down).

POWER SUPPLY: AC 110/120/220/240 V, 50/60 Hz.

Specifications: Technics HiFi Program┤82.
Photos: (1) 110837976358 (Silver Version)
(2-3) 290680980678 (Black Version).

Technics ST-S7
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Technics ST-S7
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Technics ST-S7
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1. General
System: digital
Colour: 1=Silver, 2=Black: 1; 2
Power consumption: 9.9 W @ 120/240 V
Display: digital
Frequency Range FM: 87.5-108 MHz
Frequency Range AM: 522-1,611 KHz
Station Preset: 8
Inp. Sensitivity Stereo: 0.95 μV (30dB S/R, 300 Ω)
0.85 μV (26dB S/R, 75 Ω)
AM 30 μV
Frequency Response: 5-18,000 (+0.2/-0.5 dB) HZ
Harmonic Distortion: 0.1 (Mono)
0.15 (Stereo) % at rated output
Separation: > 85 (▒400 kHz) db
Signal/Noise Mono: 77 (IHF) db
Signal/Noise Stereo: 69 (IHF) db
Crosstalk: (Crosstalk Rejection) 55 (1 kHz) db
Pilot Signal Rejection: Auto Pilot-Tone Rejection (19 kHz) db
IF Rejection: > IF Rejection (ceramic filter with linear group delay) db
2. Physical
Dimensions in Inches: 16.3 x 2.1 x 12.2 (w) x (h) x (d)
Dimensions in mm: 430 x 53 x 310 (w) x (h) x (d)
Weight in lbs: 8.8 lbs
Weight in Kg: 4 Kg


stefan egger - 07/06/2016  4 of 5 Stars!
this is a real sweet tuner.if you want to be blunt you could call this a great clock radio.
yes ,thats right...a great clock radio...capable of turning on your system every morning as you get outta bed ,turning it off when you go to work...turning it back on as you drive home from work and finally turn it off when you go to bed that night.
all,in glorious high fidelity with a sweet fluid sound that is really hard to believe when you look at the time display and wonder to this really a cheap clock radio...timer...or what... this something we have never seen before.
and i do not think many of us have seen something as versatile as this little sweetie.
having had this tuner a half dozen times,over the years,i have learned how good this clock radio is.
only the ST-S8 is better and having had this tuner as well and ABing these two,I have found very little difference in sound but many in conveniences which to pick...
i have one in silver for partnership with my integrated amp SU-V8,SL-S10 TURNTABLE ,SP 200 BOOKSHELF SPKS...this is my collectors system,which i have had since new...and the reason i keep it is...THE FLEXIBILITY of the tuner...system and of course the beautiful sound,to me as neutral as any system i have heard...owned.
the other ST-S7 is the khaki green .that technics denotes as their pro series...but is no different than the ST-S7 silver...
I keep this one to use with my other has stable mates like the sansui TU 9900,yamaha TX1000x,sony ST-J75,hk citation 23,akai AT-V04,sony ST 5950SD and finally pioneer TX7500 all very sweet tuners and my Technics ST-S7 tuners are...NEVER EMBARRASED...they perform like the champions that they are.
liquid highs,sweet mids and solid bottom ends...coming crystal clear with no hissing or spitting across the dial and delivering aural bliss.
can you say...I LOVE THIS TUNER
U find one pick it up...YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY ONCE U HEAR IT...

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Technics ST-S7
this is a real sweet tuner.if you want to be blunt you could ..
4 of 5 Stars!

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