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Technics SU-7300 K

SU-7300 / SU-7300K*

SPECIAL FEATURES: 2 large VU Meters (lighted).
Intermodulation Distortion 250 Hz : 8 kHz = 4:1, 4 Ohm : 0,08 %
Stereo Separation 50 dB

Years of Construction: 1877-78
Specifications: Technics High Fidelity Program 1977
Photos: (1-2) Thanks to Michael! (SU-7300K).
(3-4) 120870403179.

*technically identical, only difference is the colour:
SU-7300 (Silver), SU-7300K (Technics Brown).

Technics SU-7300 K
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Technics SU-7300 K
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Technics SU-7300 K
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Technics SU-7300 K
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1. General
System: Stereo Integrated Amplifier (Transistor)
Colour: 1=Silver, 2=Black: 1/ Woodcase (SU-7300)
Technics Brown (SU-7300K)
Power consumption: 400 W @ 120/240 V
Pre Amplifier
Inputs: Phono MM; Tuner; Tape I+II
Quadro: no
Inp. Sensitivity High Level: 150 (Tuner/AUX; Tape II)
180 (DIN Tape I) mV
Inp. Impedance High Level: 47 kΩ
Frequency Response High Level: 20-20,000 (▒0.5 dB) HZ
Signal/Noise High Level: 83 db
Inp. Sensitivity Phono MM: 2.5 mV
Inp. Impedance Phono MM: 47 kΩ
Frequency Response Phono MM: RIAA (▒0.3 dB)
Signal/Noise Phono MM: 63 db
Outputs: 2 REC OUT; 2 PB
Output Voltage Rec Out: 150 (REC OUT I+II)
Tone Controls: Bass; Treble
Frequencies: ▒12 dB/50 Hz; ▒12 dB/20 kHz
Filters: HIGH (-6 dB/Oct./8 kHz)
Power Amplifier
Speaker Outputs: 2 x 2 Speakers; Phones
Continuous Power 4Ω: 48 + 48 Watts
Continuous power 8Ω: 41 + 41 Watts
Damping factor: 20 (4Ω); 40 (8Ω)
Harmonic Distortion: 0.8 (40~16,000 Hz) % at rated output
2. Physical
Dimensions in Inches: 16.14 x 5.47 x 13.15 (w) x (h) x (d)
Dimensions in mm: 410 x 139 x 334 (w) x (h) x (d)
Weight in lbs: 13 lbs
Weight in Kg: 5.9 Kg


Gavin Thomas - 10/14/2013  5 of 5 Stars!
Used in a number of systems at different times, with TD160/SME/ShureM95 and LP12/LVII/OrtofonVMS20 phono sources, Arcam Delta, DV88 and iPhone digital sources, driving Heybrook HB3, Kef Ref 104, Mission 770 and Bose 4000XL speakers.

The sound is very punchy with clear solid bass which is well controlled but not overly extended. The mid-range is clear with good spatial imaging and very little coloration if a little forward. The HF is bright but not in a harsh way and makes choice of accompanying equipment very important. There is an HF roll off filter which tames the HF which can be a bit \'spiky\' with some sources and speakers.

The amp sounds more powerful than 40 WPC and with say the Linn, Arcam and Kef set-up, can be listened to for hours with little or not fatigue. However with the iPhone and Missions, the sound can tend to brightness and can be a little harsh on certain music.

Overall an excellent amplifier for the price; very well built with solid faceplate, knobs and levers which have a very high quality \'damped\' feel to them. The solid metal volume knob has soft detents which gives the impression of a formal rheostat - which is gratifying - and the meters give a good idea of how hard the amp is working. Better suited to high efficiency speakers and drives the Bose 4000XL to indecent levels without problem or distortion.

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Technics SU-7300 K
Used in a number of systems at different times, with TD160/S ..
5 of 5 Stars!

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