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Classic (1980 and Earlier) Technics Gear
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FM Comparison Page

This page is generated from the available FM specifications for all units that include an FM tuner. Units are ranked against one another, and the coloring of the listings groups the ranks together. In addition, the precise specified value is shown.

If we don't have the specification for a particular model, it is not included in the comparison.

Here's how to consider these numbers. Percentages are straightforward. "uV" are "microvolts" and are a linear measurement; so the difference between .9 uV and 1.0 uV is about 10%, just as you would expect. Finally, "dB" are "decibels" and these are decidedly non-linear. Every 3 dB represents double, so for instance a tuner that had a stereo separation of 52 dB is about 1/2 as good as a tuner that has a separation of 55 dB.

As always, if you have the data for a particular model that you do not see listed here, please shoot me an email with that information!

FM Sensitivity for 30 dB quieting
1st SA1000 Receiver 0.9 uV
2nd SA6800X Receiver 1.8 uV
2nd SA6400X Receiver 1.8 uV
2nd SA5770 Receiver 1.8 uV
2nd SA6700X Received 1.8 uV
3rd SA5760 Receiver 1.9 uV
3rd SA0505 Receiver 1.9 uV
3rd SA6000X Receiver 1.9 uV
3rd SA5600X Receiver 1.9 uV
3rd SA8000X Receiver 1.9 uV
3rd ST7600 Tuner 1.9 uV
3rd SA7300X Receiver 1.9 uV
3rd SA5200 Receiver 1.9 uV
3rd ST8600 Tuner 1.9 uV
3rd SA8100X Receiver 1.9 uV
3rd SA8500X Receiver 1.9 uV
4th SA5400X Receiver 2.0 uV
4th ST7300 Tuner 2.0 uV

1st SA5770 Receiver 0.1%
1st SA1000 Receiver 0.1%
2nd ST8600 Tuner 0.15%
2nd SA0505 Receiver 0.15%
3rd ST7300 Tuner 0.2%
3rd ST7600 Tuner 0.2%
4th SA5760 Receiver 0.3%
4th SA6700X Received 0.3%
4th SA7300X Receiver 0.3%
4th SA8000X Receiver 0.3%
4th SA5600X Receiver 0.3%
4th SA6000X Receiver 0.3%
4th SA8100X Receiver 0.3%
4th SA8500X Receiver 0.3%
5th SA6400X Receiver 0.4%
5th SA5400X Receiver 0.4%

FM Stereo THD
1st SA1000 Receiver 0.1%
2nd SA5770 Receiver 0.15%
3rd ST8600 Tuner 0.25%
4th SA0505 Receiver 0.30%
5th SA8100X Receiver 0.4%
5th SA7300X Receiver 0.4%
5th SA5760 Receiver 0.4%
5th ST7600 Tuner 0.4%
5th SA8500X Receiver 0.4%
5th ST7300 Tuner 0.4%

FM 50 dB quieting sensitivity, Mono
1st SA1000 Receiver 1.2 uV
2nd SA5770 Receiver 2.4 uV
3rd ST8600 Tuner 2.6 uV
4th SA0505 Receiver 2.7 uV
5th ST7300 Tuner 3 uV

FM 50 dB quieting sensitivity, Stereo
1st SA1000 Receiver 17.7 uV
2nd ST8600 Tuner 28.4 uV
3rd SA5770 Receiver 33.4 uV
4th SA0505 Receiver 39.7 uV
5th ST7300 Tuner 45 uV

FM Alternate Channel Selectivity, wide or normal)
1st SA1000 Receiver 85 dB
1st ST8600 Tuner 85 dB
2nd ST7600 Tuner 75 dB
2nd ST7300 Tuner 75 dB
3rd SA6800X Receiver 70 dB
3rd SA6400X Receiver 70 dB
3rd SA0505 Receiver 70 dB
4th SA6700X Received 65 dB
4th SA5400X Receiver 65 dB
4th SA5600X Receiver 65 dB
4th SA6000X Receiver 65 dB
4th SA8000X Receiver 65 dB
5th SA5200 Receiver 60 dB

FM Alternate Channel Selectivity (Narrow)
1st ST7600 Tuner 90 dB

FM Stereo Separation at 1 kHz
1st ST8600 Tuner 45 dB
1st SA5760 Receiver 45 dB
1st ST7600 Tuner 45 dB
1st SA5770 Receiver 45 dB
1st SA0505 Receiver 45 dB
1st ST7300 Tuner 45 dB
2nd SA6700X Received 40 dB
2nd SA8100X Receiver 40 dB
2nd SA7300X Receiver 40 dB
2nd SA8500X Receiver 40 dB
3rd SA6800X Receiver 35 dB

FM FM Stereo Separation at 1 KHz (narrow)