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Classic (1980 and Earlier) Technics Gear
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Links Of Interest to Classic Audio Lovers

A.G. Tannenbaum Best source we have found for service manuals for our classic Marantz gear.
Antenna Performance Specialties Some of the best FM antennas on the planet. Try the APS-13, you can't fail but be delighted. Don't be fooled by those silly little indoor antennas. Those are the way to the lair of the evil demon of multipath!
Ben's Classic Stack Ever wonder what kind of gear the owner of a site like this one would choose? Here's your answer…
Bill Sacks Lab grade alignment and optimization of quality FM tuners for audiophiles by a broadcast engineer with 30 years experience. This service includes RF, IF, Discriminator,and Multiplex decoder alignment. Upgrade options are available to enhance the performance of older tuners. Bill maintains the integrity of a classic tuner. Optional services include upgrading audio caps and an optional GaS FET preamp/bandpass filter yielding greatly improved fringe signal performance. Bill also does repairs and restorations of Power Amps and receivers, tube and solid state.
Fisher Classic Audio Gear Site Specialists in Fisher Vacuum tube gear
Marantz America This is the root of the Marantz America portion of Marantz.
Marantz Europe This is the main Marantz URL. This web site is much more detailed than the US Marantz site.
Marantz Repairs This is Mike Zuccaro's home page. He says (edited for clarity):
"I've been doing repairs and restoration on this gear for many years - I'm not a dealer, I'm a technician. I'm in San Diego at 858-271-8294. I can work on any item and try to specialize on tuner/receiver alignments (I've a degree in RF circuit design from San Diego State), tube or solid state, and I love to resurrect blown power amps and preamps. I also work on Marantz straight line turntables and cassette decks. I have been restoring Marantz gear since 1975. I handle repairs via both UPS and the postal service, with typical turnaround times of a week or less."
MarantzTalk Mailing List A Marantz-specialized mailing list.

Mailing lists send the contents of ongoing conversations to your email-box. You can participate by mailing comments to the list, or you can just "lurk" and read the interesting messages that fly by. Either way, a specialized mailing list such as this is an ideal way to keep your finger on the pulse of your favorite interests!

Mark Levinson Classic Units These pages are dedicated to discontinued Mark Levinson products.
Record Collecting Resources Tons of resources for those into collecting LP's. If you're a vinyl person, click this right now!.
Turntable and Record changer Repairs Specializes in the repair, rebuilding and restoration of vintage record changers, including Marantz. Experienced with everything from the SLT linear trackers to the standard Marantz designs, as well as many other brands.
Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive This site is intended to promote sharing of information, understanding and historic appreciation of vintage H.H. Scott (vacuum tube) consumer high fidelity audio products produced from 1946 through 1966.
Visual Guide to SQ decoders - Where's the Logic in that? A page by Tab Patterson that shows how six different SQ decoders compare against each other. This page take quite some time to load, but is well worth the wait. One of the decoders is a Marantz, so this is a recommended page for Marantz quad enthusiasts -- Ben

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