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Classic (1980 and Earlier) Pioneer Gear
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Image Attribution: Ben's Imagination and WinImages
Date: March 13th, 2000

DescriptionSample Record
Retail PriceDetails
Resale ValueDetails
Designed inDetails
Manufactured InDetails
First YearDetails
Years ManufacturedDetails
Last YearDetails
Quantity ManufacturedDetails
Matching PreamplifiersDetails
Matching AmplifiersDetails
Matching Integrated AmplifiersDetails
Matching TunersDetails
Rack MountDetails
Wood CaseDetails
Blue FaceDetails
Silver FaceDetails
Gold FaceDetails
Tube DesignDetails
Tube CountDetails
IC CountDetails
FET CountDetails
Transistor CountDetails
Diode CountDetails
Hall Effect DevicesDetails
Speaker ConnectionsDetails
Chassis GroundDetails
AC SwitchDetails
Switched AC OutletsDetails
Unswitched AC OutletsDetails
Power Source DetailsDetails
Power ConsumptionDetails
Independent Power SuppliesDetails
Special Option 1Details
Special Option 2Details
Special Option 3Details
Special Option 4Details

Panel WidthDetails
Panel HeightDetails

RMS Power Per ChannelDetails
Damping Factor @ Load ImpedanceDetails
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)Details
Power BandwidthDetails
Frequency ResponseDetails
Hum and NoiseDetails
Signal to Noise RatioDetails
Intermodulation Distortion (IM)Details
Input ImpedanceDetails
Input Sensitivity for Full OutputDetails
Gain Control(s)Details
Speaker SelectionDetails
Speaker PhasingDetails
DC CapableDetails
Meter RangeDetails
Power IndicatorDetails
Peak Lamp(s)Details
Overload Lamp(s)Details
Output Meter(s)Details
Cooling Fan(s)Details
External Heat SinksDetails
Auxillary MeteringDetails
Output Impedance(s)Details

FM Tuner
Gyro TuningDetails
Digital DisplayDetails
400 Hz Alignment ToneDetails
RF SensitivityDetails
Tuning GangsDetails
300 Ohm Binding PostsDetails
75 Ohm Binding PostsDetails
75 Ohm F ConnectorDetails
50 dB quieting sensitivity, StereoDetails
50 dB quieting sensitivity, MonoDetails
Ultimate QuietingDetails
THD, MonoDetails
THD, StereoDetails
Signal to Noise Ratio, MonoDetails
Signal to Noise Ratio, StereoDetails
Frequency ResponseDetails
Hum and NoiseDetails
IF Bandwidth(s)Details
Capture RatioDetails
Narrow Capture RatioDetails
IF Image RejectionDetails
IF RejectionDetails
Stereo Subcarrier RejectionDetails
SCA SuppressionDetails
Alternate Channel Selectivity (wide or normal)Details
FM IF Bandwidth, normalDetails
FM IF Bandwidth, wideDetails
Alternate Channel Selectivity (Narrow)Details
Adjacent Channel Selectivity (Wide or Normal)Details
Adjacent Channel Selectivity (Narrow)Details
Spurious RejectionDetails
AM Carrier RejectionDetails
Stereo Separation at 1 kHzDetails
Carrier SuppressionDetails
Mono SwitchDetails
Stereo Only SwitchDetails
Signal Strength MeterDetails
Center Tuning MeterDetails
Multiplex Filter (Hi-Blend)Details
Quartz Frequency LockDetails
Stereo LampDetails
Mono LampDetails
Wide-Narrow Bandwidth Lamp(s)Details
Dolby LampDetails
Muting LampDetails
Hi-Blend LampDetails
FM Mode LampDetails
Multipath ListenDetails
Multipath MeteringDetails
Muting SwitchDetails
Muting AdjustmentDetails
Output Level AdjustmentDetails
25 uS Deemphasis Switch (Dolby Associated)Details
Dolby Fm Decoding OptionDetails
Dolby FM Decoding StandardDetails
Quadradial Output (FM Discriminator output, unequalized)Details
Station MarkersDetails
Tuning EyeDetails
Oscilloscope X-Y OutputsDetails
Scope TubeDetails
Scope Horizontal Position AdjustmentDetails
Scope Vertical Position AdjustmentDetails
Scope Brightness AdjustmentDetails
Scope Focus AdjustmentDetails
Scope External Audio Display CapabilityDetails
Scope Internal Audfio Display CapabilityDetails
Scope External Audio Gain ControlDetails
Scope Tuning IndicationDetails
Scope Multipath IndicationDetails
Illuminated Dial PointerDetails

AM Tuner
AM Mode LampDetails
Tuning EyeDetails
Digital DisplayDetails
Output Level AdjustmentDetails
RF SensitivityDetails
Alternate Channel SelectivityDetails
Adjacent Channel SelectivityDetails
IF RejectionDetails
Image RejectionDetails
Signal to Noise RatioDetails
Spurious Response RejectionDetails
Signal Strength MeteringDetails
AM Stereo Decoder OutputDetails
External Ferrite AntennaDetails
Antenna binding PostsDetails

SW Tuner
Digital DisplayDetails
Output Level AdjustmentDetails
SW Mode LampDetails
Shortwave Frequency Tuning RangeDetails
RF SensitivityDetails
Alternate Channel Selectivity (10 KHz)Details
Adjacent Channel Selectivty (5 KHz)Details
IF RejectionDetails
Image RejectionDetails
Signal to Noise RatioDetails
Spurious Response RejectionDetails
Signal Strength MeasurementDetails
Ferrite AntennaDetails
External Antenna ConnectorDetails

Single Bass AdjustmentDetails
Multiple Bass AdjustmentsDetails
Single Midrange AdjustmentDetails
Multiple Midrange AdjustmentsDetails
Single Treble AdjustmentDetails
Multiple Treble AdjustmentsDetails
Tone Control DefeatDetails
Bass Turnover OptionsDetails
Treble Turnover OptionsDetails
High FilterDetails
Low FilterDetails
Gain ControlDetails
Loudness ContourDetails
Quadraphonic DimensionDetails
Channel ReverseDetails
Number of Tape MonitorsDetails
Tape to Tape DubbingDetails
Auxillary Input SourceDetails
2nd Auxillary Input SourceDetails
Phono Input SourceDetails
2nd Phono Input SourceDetails
Illuminated Source IndicatorsDetails
Phono Pickup Impedance ControlDetails
2nd Phono Pickup Impedance ControlDetails
Cartridge LoadDetails
Cartridge Type SelectionDetails
Tuner Source InputDetails
Source Television InputDetails
Source Microphone InputDetails
Source Microphone Input 2Details
Source Tape Input (as opposed to a tape monitor)Details
2nd Source Tape input (as opposed to a tape monitor)Details
Tape MonitorDetails
2nd Tape monitorDetails
Adaptor ProvisionDetails
DIN Recorder Jack(s)Details
Record Source Tape 1Details
Record Source Tape 2Details
Record Level SetDetails
Playback Level SetDetails
Preamp to Amplifier Jumper(s)Details
Scope Output(s)Details
Center Channel OutputDetails
Center Channel Gain ControlDetails
Tape EqualizationDetails
Dolby TapeDetails
Headphone Jack(s)Details
Speaker Selection NomenclatureDetails
Hum and NoiseDetails
Signal to Noise RatioDetails
Channel SeparationDetails
Slew RateDetails
Frequency ResponseDetails
Rated Output LevelDetails
Maxiimum Output LevelDetails
Output ImpedanceDetails

Tape Deck
Transport Record ControlDetails
Transport Play ControlDetails
Transport Pause ControlDetails
Transport Fast Forward ControlDetails
Transport Rewind ControlDetails
Tape Ejection ControlDetails
Microphone Input(s)Details
Headphone JackDetails
Tape CounterDetails
Tape Counter ResetDetails
Memorized Location ReturnDetails
Dolby Noise ReductionDetails
Dolby FM CapabilityDetails
FM Source Multiplex FilterDetails
Dolby Record LampDetails
Peak Indicator Lamp(s)Details
Number, type of motorsDetails
Playback SpeedsDetails
Record Lamp(s)Details
Bias SelectionsDetails
Equalization SelectionsDetails
Auto ShutoffDetails
Record LimiterDetails
Line Record LevelDetails
Microphone Record LevelDetails
Playback LevelDetails
VU MeteringDetails
Deck OrientationDetails
Number, type of headsDetails
Frequency ResponseDetails
Wow and FlutterDetails
Signal to Noise RatioDetails

Signal to Noise RatioDetails
Tracking ErrorDetails
78 RPM Rotational SpeedDetails
45 RPM Rotational SpeedDetails
33 RPM Rotational SpeedDetails
Tonearm TypeDetails
Usable cartridge weightDetails
Tonearm CueingDetails
Tonearm Auto-ReturnDetails
Auto ShutoffDetails
Dust CoverDetails
Quartz Locked Speed(s)Details
Fine Speed Control (pitch)Details
Stroboscopic Speed MonitorDetails
Platter Drive MechanismDetails
Audio Cable(s)Details
Tracking forceDetails
Tracking ErrorDetails
Tone Arm LengthDetails
Platter DiameterDetails
Platter WeightDetails
Platter TypeDetails
Moment of InertiaDetails
Build-up timeDetails
Speed DeviationDetails
Speed DriftDetails

Super-Tweeter DriversDetails
Tweeter DriversDetails
Midrange DriversDetails
Woofer DriversDetails
Composite DriversDetails
Power Handling CapacityDetails
Frequency ResponseDetails
Super-Tweeter ControlsDetails
Tweeter ControlsDetails
Midrange ControlsDetails
Woofer ControlsDetails
Sound Pressure Level (SPL)Details

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