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Sony EL-D8


FEATURES: 2 Ferrit Heads, Direct Drive, Dolby System.
Microphone Attenuator (0-20 dB); Limiter (On/Off).
REC Level Switch (0-10); REC Control lamp
2 large Peak Level Controls (left/right), Peak Hold
Light, Battery, MPX Filter.

Semiconductors: 5 IC┤s, 2 FET┤s, 103 Transistors, 43 Diodes.
Power Supply: 220 V AC 26. 12V Accu.

Specifications: Sony.
Photos: (1-4)

Sony EL-D8
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Sony EL-D8
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Sony EL-D8
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Sony EL-D8
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1. General
System: Elcaset
Colour: 1=Silver, 2=Black: 2
Power consumption: 46 W @ 120/240 V
Cassette Recorder
Motors: 2 (Servo)
Heads: 2 (1 F&F)
Track System: 4/2
FF and Rewind Time: approx. 120 sec (LC-60) sec.
Tape Speed cm/s.: 9.5 cm/s.
Tape Speed ips: 3-3/4 ips
Wow and Flutter: (DIN) ▒0.1 (WRMS)
Frequency Response Normal: 20-20,000 HZ
Frequency Response FeCr: 20-23,000 HZ
Noise Reduction: Dolby B
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 59 (A weighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio B: with Dolby B 62 (CCIR)
Bias Frequency: 160 kHz
Input Impedance Line In: 100 kΩ
Input Sensitivity Line In: (DIN) 77.5 mV
Output Impedance Line Out: 100 kΩ
Output Sensitivity Line Out: (DIN) 775 mV
2. Physical
Dimensions in Inches: 13.07 x 3.94 x 11.73 (w) x (h) x (d)
Dimensions in mm: 332 x 100 x 298 (w) x (h) x (d)
Weight in lbs: 11.46 lbs
Weight in Kg: 5.2 Kg


Ian Ross - 05/02/2016  4 of 5 Stars!
I own a Sony ELd8 which I have owned for about 6 years . I must admit that I haven't used it as much as I should have . There for it is in nearly mint condition . My question is ,,does any one out there know of any source of accessories for this model . What I 'm looking for is an LC 30 carrying case and a spare AC 26 power adaptor .. Hope some body out there can point me in the direction of some spares . Regards Ian Ross

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Sony EL-D8
I own a Sony ELd8 which I have owned for about 6 years . I m ..
4 of 5 Stars!

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