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Technics RS-1800

Legendary ôIsolated Loop" 3-Motor Direct-Drive Open-Reel Tape Deck with Quartz-Synthesizer Pitch Control. The RS-1800 has basically the same high-level professional performance capability as the other models of this series, but with several additional features to enhance the "Isolated Loop" construction. Foremost of these perhaps is the quartz synthesizer pitch control with digital display of rated speed and actual selected deviation. The digital display also shows, using microcomputer technology, elapsed time in hours, minutes, seconds. The 76 cm/s tape speed means that fidelity is better than ever. Bias and equalization can be adjusted automatically, or manually if desired. Microcomputer "Memory" function (of time setting) for automatic position location convenience. Other features: "Auto-Play", "Auto-Repeat" and SX head assembly. Separate amplifier unit for mounting flexibility. Transport unit weight: 36kg, amplifier unit: 16.6kg.

FEATURES: 4-HEAD SYSTEM (3 SX for 2-track rec, 2-track repro, 4-track repro); 1 double-gap ferrit for erasing. OPTIONAL HEAD ASSEMBLY: RP-2422 (2-channel, 4-track rec/repro & 2-track repro); RP-2224 (2-channel, 2-track rec/repro & 4-track repro). CAPSTAN DRIVE: Quartz-phase-locked control DC brushless servo direct-drive motor. REEL DRIVE: 2 tape tension controlled DC brushless direct-drive motor. ERASE DEPTH: >70 dB/ 1 kHz. OPERATING LEVEL (OVU): 185 nWb/m.

SPECIFICATIONS FOR TAPE SPEED 30 ips (76 cm/s): Wow & Flutter (rec/repro) 0.01 % (JIS weighted RMS), ▒0.025 % (DIN weighted Peak), 0.02 % (NAB unweighted RMS); Frequency Response (rec/repro) 30~35,000 Hz -10dB (40~25,000 Hz ▒2 dB); Signal-to Noise Ratio 69 dB (650nWb/m), 64 dB (370nWb/m); Total Harmonic Distortion (400 Hz, rec/repro, all speeds) <0.8 % at 185 nWb/m (OVU); <2 % at 370 nWb/m (+6 dB).

Specifications: Technics Service Manual. Fotos: div. (1-4), audioscope (5-7).

Technics RS-1800
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Technics RS-1800
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Technics RS-1800
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Technics RS-1800
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Technics RS-1800
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Technics RS-1800
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Technics RS-1800
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1. General
System: Reel to Reel
Colour: 1=Silver, 2=Black: 2
Power consumption: 165 W @ 120/240 V
Reel To Reel
Track System: 2/2 REC+PB; 4/2 PB
Maximum Reel Size: 10-1/2 inch; (26.7 cm) inch / cm
Tape Speed cm/s.: 76 / 38 / 19 cm/s.
Tape Speed ips: 30 / 15 / 7-1/2 ips
Motors: 2
FF and Rewind Time: approx. >150 sec/762m tape sec.
Capstan: 1, direct drive
Wow and Flutter 7-1/2 ips: 19 cm/s : (19 cm/s): 0.03 (JIS weighted RMS); ▒0.05 (DIN weighted Peak); 0.05 (NAB unweighted RMS (WRMS)
Wow and Flutter 15 ips: 38 cm/s : (38 cm/s): 0.015 (JIS weighted RMS); ▒0.035 (DIN weighted Peak); 0.03 (NAB unweighted RMS (WRMS)
Heads: 4
Channel Separation: > 50 dB/ 1 kHz db
Bias Frequency: 200 kHz kHz
Frequency Response 7-1/2 ips: (19 cm/s) : (19 cm/s): (38 cm/s): 20~25,000 -10 dB; (20~20,000 Hz ▒2 dB) Hz
Frequency Response 15 ips: (38 cm/s) : (38 cm/s): 30~30,000 -10 dB; (30~22,000 Hz ▒2 dB) Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 7-1/2 ips: (19 cm/s) : (19 cm/s): 67 (650 nWb/m); 62 (370 nWb/m) (A weighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 15 ips: (38 cm/s) : (38 cm/s): 67 (650 nWb/m); 62 (370 nWb/m) (A weighted)
Input Impedance Line In: 10 (47 unbalanced) kΩ
Input Sensitivity Line In: 77.5 (-20 dB); (60 -22 dB unbalanced) mV
Output Impedance Line Out: 1 (0.6 / 10 balanced) kΩ
Output Sensitivity Line Out: 775 (1,228 V balanced) mV
2. Physical
Dimensions in Inches: 19.68 x 17.44 x 13.66 (Transport Unit); 19.68 x 8.74 x 15.31 (Amplifier) (w) x (h) x (d)
Dimensions in mm: 500 x 443 x 347 (Transport Unit); 500 x 222 x 389 (Amplifier) (w) x (h) x (d)
Weight in lbs: 79.4 (Transport Unit); 36.6 (Amplifier) lbs
Weight in Kg: 36 (Transport Unit); 16.6 (Amplifier) Kg

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