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Technics SA-200

STEREO TRANSISTOR RECEIVER. Specifications: Technics High Fidelity 1980. Fotos: (1) 120762253628; (2-3) 130623620210.

Technics SA-200
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Technics SA-200
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Technics SA-200
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1. General
System: Transistor Receiver
Colour: 1=Silver, 2=Black: 1
Power consumption: 300 W @ 120/240 V
Pre Amplifier
Inputs: Phono MM; Tape; AUX; Monitor
Quadro: no
Inp. Sensitivity High Level: 180 (Tape 1, REC/PLAY); 150 (AUX) mV
Inp. Impedance High Level: 39 (Tape 1, REC/PLAY); 33 (AUX) kΩ
Frequency Response High Level: 20-20,000 (▒0.5 dB) HZ
Signal/Noise High Level: 88/95 (8/4 Ώ, IHF A) db
Inp. Sensitivity Phono MM: 2.5 mV
Inp. Impedance Phono MM: 47 kΩ
Frequency Response Phono MM: RIAA (▒0.5 dB)
Signal/Noise Phono MM: 70/78 (8/4 Ώ, IHF A) db
Output Voltage Rec Out: 150 (REC OUT); 30 (REC/PLAY) mV
Tone Controls: Bass; Treble
Frequencies: ▒10 dB/50 Hz; ▒10 dB/10 kHz
Filters: Low; High
Loudness: yes
Power Amplifier
Speaker Outputs: 2 x 2 Speakers; Phones
Continuous Power 4Ω: 27 + 27 Watts
Continuous power 8Ω: 25 + 25 Watts
Frequency Response: 20-20,000 HZ
Harmonic Distortion: 0.04 (8 Ώ ); 0.15 (4 Ώ) % at rated output
Display: analog
Frequency Range FM: 87.5-108 MHz
Frequency Range AM: 525-1,605 KHz
Station Preset: 0
Signal Strength Meter: 1 : 0=NO, 1=YES
Center Tuning Meter: 1 : 0=NO, 1=YES
Inp. Sensitivity Stereo: 1.9 (30 dB S/R); 1.7 (26 dB S/R) μV
Frequency Response: 20-15,000 (+1/-2 dB) HZ
Harmonic Distortion: 0.3 (Stereo) % at rated output
Separation: > 70 db
Signal/Noise Mono: 70 (IHF) db
Signal/Noise Stereo: 58 (IHF) db
Crosstalk: 45 (1 kHz) db
Pilot Signal Rejection: -33 (19 kHz); -48 (38 kHz) db
2. Physical
Dimensions in Inches: 16 x 5.6 x 11.8 (w) x (h) x (d)
Dimensions in mm: 430 x 142 x 300 (w) x (h) x (d)
Weight in lbs: 15.8 lbs
Weight in Kg: 7.2 Kg


Harry Devine - 01/25/2018  5 of 5 Stars!
Feeding into my SA200L is a Technics 1200GR, with Ortofon 2m Black, via a Graham Slee Gram Amp 2SE phono pre amp (with upgraded power supply). Output from the SA200L is to a pair of original cabinet Wharfedale E50s with new KEF drivers. The sound blows all my other modern stuff out of the water. Crystal clear. Low THD as you will know. Clarity is simply awesome. Love it. 25WPC????... who cares,? the E50s are 96db sensitivity and wow, 25 seems like much much more.

william west - 07/22/2017  5 of 5 Stars!
i have my technics sa200 hooked to polk bookshelf speakers tsx220b and the sound is fantastic

Lou Linde - 06/30/2015  5 of 5 Stars!
I have a Technics SA200 paired with Bose 901 Series III speakers 40 years old... awesome... even at this ripe old age. Had to refoam all 18 speakers in the 901\'s, but never had to do maintenance on my SA200. The low 25 WPC and very low THD are keys to the high quality sound, not forgetting to mention a great vintage 901 series.

Dave Maher - 05/15/2013  5 of 5 Stars!
I have owned an SA-200 since 1979 connected to two Bose 301 speakers, older ones with a nice woofer and a tweeter with a little thing to kind of direct the tweeter output. My high school physics teacher explained about quality of output, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), being more important than watts per channel. He was right. A modest watts per channel with low THD is way cleaner and enjoyable to listen to compared to, say, 100 watts per channel at 1% THD.

Although this model is "only" 25 watts per channel, the THD is like 0.04%, ridiculously low. The sound is so clean. Raise the volume and the quality remains, no distortion that I can hear. I have tried matching the SA-200 with other speakers, but nothing seems to beat the combination of the SA-200 and Bose 301's.

I recently lost one channel in my SA-200 and my stereo expert said to look for a new one. I was patient and found a nice used one on the Internet. But I will not get rid of the damaged one, even with only one working channel. Proud owner of an SA-200!

colin bell - 07/25/2010  5 of 5 Stars!
I owned a pristine SA-200 and it was such a lovely piece to have and the sounds was just lovely.

Its did not seem to distort at all once the volume was increased, use this with good quality speakers and it is sublime.

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Technics SA-200
I have owned an SA-200 since 1979 connected to two Bose 301 ..
5 of 5 Stars!

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