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Technics SA-410

COMPUTER DRIVE NEW CLASS A QUARTZ SYNTHESIZER AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER. Specials: Automatic Station Search; Preset and automatic Input for 16 Stations;

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1. General
System: Transistor Receiver (Digital Quartz Synthesizer New Class A)
Colour: 1=Silver, 2=Black: 1, 2
Power consumption: 420 W @ 120/240 V
Pre Amplifier
Inputs: Phono MM; 2 Tape; REC/PLAY; AUX
Quadro: no
Inp. Sensitivity High Level: 150 mV
Inp. Impedance High Level: 22 kΩ
Frequency Response High Level: 5-70,000 (-3 dB) HZ
Signal/Noise High Level: 95 (IHF ┤66) db
Inp. Sensitivity Phono MM: 2.5 mV
Inp. Impedance Phono MM: 47 kΩ
Frequency Response Phono MM: RIAA (▒0.8 dB)
Signal/Noise Phono MM: 80 (IHF ┤66) db
Outputs: 2 REC OUT
Tone Controls: Bass; Treble
Frequencies: ▒10 dB/50 Hz; ▒10 dB/10 kHz
Power Amplifier
Speaker Outputs: 2 x 2 Speakers; Phones
Continuous Power 4Ω: 50 + 50 Watts
Continuous power 8Ω: 45 + 45 Watts
Frequency Response: 20-20,000 HZ
Harmonic Distortion: 0.007 (8 Ώ) % at rated output
Display: digital
Frequency Range FM: 97.9-107.9 MHz
Frequency Range AM: 530-1,620 KHz
Station Preset: 16
Signal Strength Meter: 1 : 0=NO, 1=YES
Center Tuning Meter: 1 : 0=NO, 1=YES
Inp. Sensitivity Stereo: 1.3 (30 dB S/R); 1.2 (26 dB S/R) μV
Frequency Response: 20-15,000 (+1/-2 dB) HZ
Harmonic Distortion: 0.15 (Stereo) % at rated output
Separation: > 75 (▒400 kHz) db
Signal/Noise Mono: 78 (IHF) db
Signal/Noise Stereo: 60 (IHF) db
Crosstalk: 40 (1 kHz) db
2. Physical
Dimensions in Inches: 16.9 x 3.8 x 11.1 (w) x (h) x (d)
Dimensions in mm: 430 x 97 x 283 (w) x (h) x (d)
Weight in lbs: 16 lbs
Weight in Kg: 7.3 Kg


john base heart  - 08/16/2017  5 of 5 Stars!
Hello every one:
and to start i got me this Super Receiver. in the 80's then
i gave it to my Brother for his boy if he loved it.
you know i always thought i could find me another but
NO way Joe. so bottom like. this Model is Really awsome
powerful sound at the point that no speaker scare him at all
Great Bass and treble jut perfect.
and of course it had to be a TECHNICS. thank you. for reading
my Review.

Ron Lambert - 08/17/2015  5 of 5 Stars!
I had a Technics SA-410 back in the mid 80\'s when I was in the Army. It ran through a Newmark EQ, a Sharp cassette deck, a pair of Studiocraft by Bose speakers, and a pair of speakers that somebody home built. It sounded great! I got everything exept the cassette deck for $100 from a guy in my unit who was shipping out and couldn\'t take it with him. It was a great reciever. It had plenty of power for what I used it for. I had it for about 10 years, and then one day it just stopped working. I hated to see it go.

Dan Mielhausen - 06/12/2012  5 of 5 Stars!
I picked this old monkey up from a yard sale a couple years ago! I clean it up, wrapped it up and stored it in the garage (never even fired it up). Today, I unwrapped it, hooked it up, and boy was I impressed! All functions and features work perfectly! I believe this receiver is almost 30 years old and it's going strong! Nice, clean (0.007% THD) power (50W+50W) for.....$3.00 at a yard sale.....hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

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I had a Technics SA-410 back in the mid 80\'s when I was in ..
5 of 5 Stars!

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