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Classic (1980 and Earlier) Marantz Gear
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Front View
Image Attribution: Ben's Imagination and WinImages

DescriptionSample shows typical use of database slots
RarityX-Rare, Rare, Scarce, Findable, Common
Retail PriceMSRP
Resale Valuelast known resale value
Ebay High-bidNotable high bid on Ebay for good specimen
Ebay Low-bidNotable low bid on Ebay for good specimen
Designed inMontana
Manufactured InMy Dreams
First Yearissued
Years ManufacturedYears sold we can confirm from brochures
Last Yearlast year made
Quantity Manufactured1
Matching Preamplifiersnormally for amps and tuners
Matching Amplifiersnormally for preamps and tuners
Matching Integrated Amplifiersnormally for tuners
Matching Tunersnormally for preamps, amps, int. amps
Rack Mountyes, or model of mounts
Wood Caseyes, or model of case
Blue Facedetails
Green Facedetails
Silver Facedetails
Gold Facedetails
Model LegendEmbossed, screened, etc.
Channelsone, two or four
Tube Designyes, or no-show
Tube Count#
IC Count#
FET Count#
Transistor Count#
Diode Count#
Speaker Connectionsone, two, etc.
Chassis GroundBinding Post, etc.
AC Switchyes or no
Fusinglocation, size
Switched AC Outletsyes, or count
Unswitched AC Outletsyes, or count
Power Source DetailsToroid or Standard
Power ConsumptionWatts
Independent Power Suppliesyes
Special Option 1plug-ins, etc.
Special Option 2plug-ins, etc.
Special Option 3plug-ins, etc.
Special Option 4plug-ins, etc.

Panel Widthinches
Panel Heightinches

RMS Power Per Channelnumber
Damping Factor @ Load Impedancenumber
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)percentage
Power Bandwidthfreq. Range
Frequency Responsef range in db
Hum and NoisedB, dB
Signal to Noise RatiodB
Intermodulation Distortion (IM)percentage
Input Impedanceohms
Input Sensitivity for Full Outputvolts
Gain Control(s)yes
DC CapableYes
Meter Rangeyes, details if available
Peak Lamp(s)yes
Overload Lamp(s)yes
Output Meter(s)yes, details if avail.
Cooling Fan(s)Details
Auxillary Meteringdescription
Output Impedance(s)ohms

FM Tuner
Gyro Tuningyes or no-show
400 Hz Alignment ToneYes
RF Sensitivity9.9 uV
300 Ohm Binding Postsyes or no-show
75 Ohm Binding Postsyes or no-show
75 Ohm F Connectoryes or no-show
50 dB quieting sensitivity, StereouV or dBf
50 dB quieting sensitivity, MonouV or dBf
Ultimate Quietingdb @ uV
THD, Monopercentage
THD, Mono (narrow)percentage
THD, Stereopercentage
THD, Stereo, (narrow)percentage
Signal to Noise Ratio, MonodB
Signal to Noise Ratio, StereodB
Frequency Responserange, db
Hum and NoisedB
IF Bandwidth(s)Wide, narrow, etc.
Capture RatiodB
Narrow Capture RatiodB
IF Image RejectiondB
IF RejectiondB
Stereo Subcarrier RejectiondB
SCA SuppressiondB
Alternate Channel Selectivity (wide or normal)dB
FM IF Bandwidth, normaldB at distance from center frequency
FM IF Bandwidth, widedB at distance from center frequency
Alternate Channel Selectivity (Narrow)dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity (Wide or Normal)dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity (Narrow)dB
Spurious RejectiondB
AM Carrier RejectiondB
Stereo Separation at 1 kHzdB
FM Stereo Separation at 1 KHz (narrow)dB
Carrier SuppressiondB
Mono Switchyes
Stereo Only Switchyes
Signal Strength Meteryes
Center Tuning Meteryes
Multiplex Filter (Hi-Blend)yes
Quartz Frequency Lockyes
Stereo Lampyes
Mono Lampyes
Dolby Lampyes
Muting Lampyes
Hi-Blend Lampyes
FM Mode Lampyes
Multipath Listenyes
Multipath Meteringyes
Muting Switchyes
Muting Adjustmentyes
Output Level Adjustmentyes
25 uS Deemphasis Switch (Dolby Associated)yes
Dolby Fm Decoding Optionyes
Dolby FM Decoding Standardyes
Quadradial Output (FM Discriminator output, unequalized)yes
Scope Tubepart number
Scope Horizontal Position Adjustmentyes
Scope Vertical Position Adjustmentyes
Scope Brightness Adjustmentyes
Scope Focus Adjustmentyes
Scope External Audio Display Capabilityyes
Scope Internal Audfio Display Capabilityyes
Scope External Audio Gain Controlyes
Scope Tuning Indicationyes
Scope Multipath Indicationyes
Illuminated Dial Pointeryes

AM Tuner
AM Mode Lampyes
Output Level Adjustmentyes
RF SensitivityuV
Alternate Channel SelectivitydB
Adjacent Channel SelectivitydB
IF RejectiondB
Image RejectiondB
Frequency ResponseHz
Signal to Noise RatiodB
Spurious Response RejectiondB
Signal Strength Meteringyes
External Ferrite Antennayes
Antenna binding Postsyes

SW Tuner
Output Level Adjustmentyes
SW Mode Lampyes
Shortwave Frequency Tuning RangeMhz-MHz
RF SensitivityuV or dBF, uV preferred
Alternate Channel Selectivity (10 KHz)dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivty (5 KHz)dB
IF RejectiondB
Image RejectiondB
Signal to Noise RatiodB
Spurious Response RejectiondB
Signal Strength Measurementyes
Ferrite Antennayes
External Antenna Connectoryes

Single Bass Adjustmentyes
Multiple Bass Adjustmentsyes
Single Midrange Adjustmentyes
Multiple Midrange Adjustmentsyes
Single Treble Adjustmentyes
Multiple Treble Adjustmentsyes
Tone Control Defeatyes
Bass Turnover Optionsyes
Treble Turnover Optionsyes
High Filteryes
Low Filteryes
Gain Controlyes
Loudness Contourdetails
Quadraphonic Dimensionyes
Channel Reverseyes
Number of Tape Monitorsyes
Tape to Tape Dubbingyes
Auxillary Input Sourceyes
2nd Auxillary Input Sourceyes
Phono Input Sourceyes
2nd Phono Input Sourceyes
Illuminated Source Indicatorsyes
Phono Pickup Impedance Controlyes
2nd Phono Pickup Impedance Controlyes
Cartridge LoadR and/or C
Cartridge Type SelectionMM and/or MC
Tuner Source Inputyes
Source Television Inputyes
Source Microphone Inputyes
Source Microphone Input 2yes
Source Tape Input (as opposed to a tape monitor)yes
2nd Source Tape input (as opposed to a tape monitor)yes
Tape Monitoryes
2nd Tape monitoryes
DIN Recorder Jack(s)Yes
Record Source Tape 1details
Record Source Tape 2details
Record Level Setdetails
Playback Level Setdetails
Preamp to Amplifier Jumper(s)yes
Scope Output(s)yes
Center Channel Outputyes
Center Channel Gain Controlyes
Tape Equalizationdetails
Dolby Tapeyes
Headphone Jack(s)yes
Speaker Selection Nomenclaturemain, remote, etc
Hum and NoiseuV
Signal to Noise RatiodB
Channel SeparationdB
Slew RateuV / uS
Frequency Responserange
Rated Output Levelvolts, for specs
Maxiimum Output Levelvolts, before overload
Output Impedanceohms

Tape Deck
Wow and Flutterpercent
Fe THDpercent
CrO2 THDpercent
FeCr THDpercent
Fe Frequency Responsefrequency range
CrO2 Frequency Responsefrequency range
FeCr Frequency Responsefrequency range
Rewind timeseconds
FFWD timeseconds
Recording SystemDescription
Erase SystemDescription
Track SystemDescription
Transport ControlsDetails
Transport Record Controlyes
Transport Play Controlyes
Transport Pause Controlyes
Transport Fast Forward Controlyes
Transport Rewind Controlyes
Tape Ejection Controlyes
Microphone Input(s)describe
Mic AttenuatorDetails
Tape Counterdescribe
Tape Counter Resetdescribe
Memorized Location Returndescribe
Dolby Noise Reductionyes
Dolby FM Capabilityyes
FM Source Multiplex Filteryes
Dolby Record LampLED or lamp
Peak Indicator Lamp(s)yes
Record ModeDetails
Record Lamp(s)yes
Pause Indicator LampDetails
Play Indicator LampDetails
Bias Selectionsdescribe
Equalization Selectionsdescribe
Auto Shutoffyes
Record Limiteryes
Line Record Leveldescribe
Microphone Record Leveldescribe
Master Line/Mic Mix levelDetails
Playback Levelyes
VU Meteringdescribe
Deck Orientationtop or front
Number, type of heads#
Tape SpeedsDetails
Reel size compensatorDetails
Pitch ControlDetails
Fine Bias AdjustDetails
Test Tone(s)Details
Capstan ConfigurationDetails
Motor ConfigurationDetails
Headphone AmpDetails
Headphone LevelDetails

Tracking Errordetails
78 RPM Rotational Speedyes
45 RPM Rotational Speedyes
33 RPM Rotational Speedyes
Tonearm Cueingyes
Tonearm Auto-Returnyes
Auto Shutoffyes
Dust Coveryes
Quartz Locked Speed(s)yes
Fine Speed Control (pitch)yes
Stroboscopic Speed Monitoryes
Platter Drive Mechanismdetails
Audio Cable(s)details
Tracking forcegrams
Tracking Errorangle
Tone Arm Lengthinches, mm
Overhanginches. Mm
Platter Diameterinches. Mm
Platter Weightlbs, grams

Super-Tweeter DriversDetails
Tweeter DriversDetails
Midrange DriversDetails
Woofer DriversDetails
Composite DriversDetails
Power Handling CapacityDetails
Frequency ResponseRange in dB
Super-Tweeter ControlsDetails
Tweeter ControlsDetails
Midrange ControlsDetails
Woofer ControlsDetails
Sound Pressure Level (SPL)Details
Midrange CrossoverHz
Tweeter CrossoverHz or KHz
Super Tweeter CrossoverHz or KHz
Cabinet DetailsDetails

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