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Classic (1980 and Earlier) Marantz Gear
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Link Placement Information

Non-Commercial Links

If you would like to see a link added to a site of yours that provides free information that would be of interest to classic Marantz enthusiasts, please submit the link directly to

We will visit the site and if we feel that it is of interest to our visitors, we will add it very quickly.

Commercial Links

If you would like to let our visitors know about commercial services of interest to classic Marantz enthusiasts, we have four very inexpensive options available for you. They are:

Service Interval Cost Minimum Placement
Link Monthly $1.00 12 months ($12.00)
Classified Ad Semi-Monthly $5.00 2 Months ($5.00)
Banner Monthly $10.00 1 month ($10.00)
Top Banner Monthly $40.00 1 month ($40.00)


Links are the most economical placement. For your $1.00 per month, you get a short descriptive listing with a title and a link directly to the page of your choice. Purchases of links are made in 1-year increments. To use email to purchase a link to a commercial site by credit card, Click Here


Classifieds are great for single items you are looking to buy or sell, or for specific parts and pieces. For more details, please visit the Classifieds Page.


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