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Classic (1980 and Earlier) Marantz Gear
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Marantz Mysteries!

Solved! We now have an entry for the 2140!

The 2140 was apparently a stand-in for the 2130. We don't know yet exactly how the features compare, but going by the buttons visible in the image and the little verbiage in the brochure where the mention was finally located, the tuner is definitely a high end companion to the 2130. More details as we learn them!

The Marantz 2140 Tuner?

I have run across two references to this otherwise "invisible" tuner.

The first, which we could call "official", was in a list of wood cabinets for various Marantz gear, among which were listed the 2120 tuner (which I know about... I own one, in fact) and the 2140. It's the same cabinet, and since the 2100, 2110, 2120 and 2130 are all tuners, I am guessing that the 2140 probably is also a tuner, or was supposed to be, or something.

The second reference was made by a friend of mine who is also into classic Marantz gear in a big way. At one point when I was in the process of grabbing onto Marantz separates in this series, I had told him that I was looking for the high end units. He told me to go after a 2140 tuner, among other things. After searching for a few months, I mentioned to him that I couldn't find any references at all to this (it was before I found the above-mentioned cabinet list.) He then said he might have made an error, as he couldn't recall where he got the idea that there was such a model.

Now, the 2130 is a pretty amazing tuner. It has a scope, basically all the features that we had seen in previous Marantz tuners up to that date, plus several that were new such as PLL lock for the FM frequency, sensing for the FM dial to automatically unlock the PLL so you could hand tune, multipath capability on the scope, variable output and muting, etc. I am somewhat at a loss as to what might distinguish the presumed 2140, though I am insanely curious to know what this little mystery is all about.

There is no mention of the 2140 in the two brochures that I have seen that show the 2100, 2110, 2120 and 2130.

If anyone has any information about the "2140", whatever it may be, please contact me at